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Everybody’s excited about Thor: The Dark World opening tomorrow, right? Jaimie Alexander didn’t really need to show up at the premiere in London in an incredibly daring dress, right? Not that we’re complaining. Maybe it was just Jaimie’s way of reminding the public that Thor: The Dark World is a big chance for her to shine as Lady Sif.

Fans of the Thor comic books, of course, know that Lady Sif is the mightiest warrior woman in all of Asgard. The first Thor did a pretty good job of showcasing Sif, although Natalie Portman was the  proper female lead. Also, Katt Dennings was in the movie, and you know how distracting Katt can be. All three of the gals are in The Dark World, too, but Jaimie definitely needs to be the lady claiming the spotlight.

After all, her other big film of 2013 was The Last Stand, which sort of fizzled as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s big comeback movie. It probably still felt like a big deal for the humble Texas gal, whose first big break was back in 2007 on the ABC Family show Kyle XY. It was kind of a shock when Jaimie landed the Sif role in Thor’s big-screen debut–but nobody had really heard of Tom Hiddleston, either, and that worked out fine.

We’ll always defend an actress’ right to stand out on the red carpet in a skimpy outfit. We’ve certainly included some pics of that fine moment in the gallery below, in case you need to reacquaint yourself with Jaimie Alexander’s awesome presence. We’ve also included a pic of her in Wonder Woman garb, as she becomes the latest actress rumored to land that dream role.

For now, we’re looking forward to a dreamy pairing of Jaimie and Amber Heard in the upcoming London Fields–and looking forward to Friday, so verily let’s leer at the following finery…

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