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Deodorant Ad Featuring Kidnapping Babies Is An Advertising Gamechanger [VIDEO]


It’s happened. The world’s worst advertising actually happened. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “prank” and the mother is in on the video, making a advertisement for deodarent by faking a kidnapping of an infant probably isn’t the best way to promote your product. Even if there may not be as many Charles Lindburgh fans as they used to be, it’s simply just poor taste. Don Draper would be disgusted. I mean, he would be because he didn’t have a drink in one hand and a woman in the other while he watched it, but still. Disgusted to say the least.

Maybe next time another masked man can hop out of the bushes and rape the petrified mother. Would be perfect double up for a condom or Life Alert commercial.

  • COED Writer