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Shay Maria Went On A Bike Ride [VIDEO]


The fine folks of Kaloopy don’t let too many days get by without putting a pretty girl on a bicycle. The latest entry in their “Bicycle Diaries” series gets  us rolling, too–since they’ve brought in Shay Maria to pedal her bod along the Santa Monica Piers. We like Kaloopy, and we like bikes (like the classy ZISSOU featured here), but we really, really like Shay Maria. She doesn’t have to be traveling along on a really nice bicycle to get our attention.

You might also get caught paying less attention to the ZISSOU and zooming in on Shay herself–who we see enjoying some ice cream on an idyllic day which only gets better when she strips down to her bikini. We’ve admired Shay as a true geek girl, but now we’re happy to ride along (virtually) as Shay shows off her athletic side. (We’ll show off our own geek side and note that you might recognize a certain rock ‘n roll mural that’s caused some controversy lately.)

We’re not geeky enough to be able to deduce all of the DNA that’s given Shay Maria such an exotic look–but we’ve studied this video enough to confirm that Shay’s sensational 34D-24-35 measurements remain all natural. That kind of thing is a rare and precious commodity. Especially around the beaches of Southern California. Which also reminds us that Shay is a native California girl. But don’t take our word about Shay. Check her out yourself in a video that managed to warm us on a cold East Coast day…

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