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November 6, 2013: Celebrate Rebecca Romijn’s Birthday With 59 Hot Pics


Rebecca Romijn turns 41 years old today as a happily-married MILF. That’s the day after we celebrate Famke Janssen’s birthday–who, like Rebecca, started out modeling for Victoria’s Secret before starring in the first X-Men movies before going on to play male-to-female transsexuals on television. (Famke on Nip/Tuck, Rebecca on Ugly Betty.) It seems Hollywood has a pretty set idea on what to do with fashionably tall babes who keep the build of fitness models.

Rebecca was one of the ’90s earliest models to hit big via the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She got a lot of attention with her mix of classic blonde beauty and a certain quirkiness. Rebecca was also hip enough to be genuinely entertaining as the host of MTV’s House of Style show in 1998. She kept that gig for two seasons before making her acting debut in 2000’s X-Men–where she first covered herself in blue body-paint as the shape-shifting mutant Mystique. (That was back when she was billed as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, courtesy of John Stamos being an incredibly lucky bastard before the couple was divorced in 2005.)

Unfortunately, Rebecca followed that up with a starring role in 2002’s Femme Fatale. That muddled thriller was a real disaster, and couldn’t even draw a crowd with Rebecca’s role as a bisexual thief. That same year had her starring in the laughably incompetent Rollerball. A lot of careers were killed with that one. Rebecca returned to the big screen as Mystique with X2, but the film industry pretty much gave up interest in Rebecca unless she was colored like a Smurf.

Now we have Jennifer Lawrence as the new Mystique (enjoy her here), but Rebecca’s doing okay. She’s busy in television and still in demand as a model. Rebecca also recently showed off her comedic skills with a Hand Bra skit for Funny Or Die. Rebecca’s aging well, too. Check out the plentiful pics below. We promise you’ll be shocked at how many of these shots are recent. Rebecca Romijn’s shape isn’t shifting–which makes this a happy birthday for her husband Jerry O’Connell, as well…

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