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GLEE Star Naya Rivera Makes Cover of Rolling Stone: Here’s Why [37 Photos]


You have to be pretty old nowadays to rant about people like Glee star Naya Rivera making the cover of Rolling Stone. That honor was originally diluted back in the ’80s–specifically, when Rolling Stone declared Don Johnson to be the face of college rock in 1986. At least readers could grasp the demographic behind the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber on the cover. Besides, Naya Rivera is probably Glee‘s last gasp for this kind of thing–and she’s certainly a lovely Latina for the magazine’s latest big issue celebrating the Latin Hot List 2013.

We don’t have any complaints–although Naya Rivera’s “Sorry” didn’t really strike us a hot summer song. It sure wasn’t Big Sean’s finest moment. (We’ll spare you a link.) At least Naya didn’t sound overly autotuned. She might have the best voice in the Glee cast. But there’s still no denying that Rolling Stone mainly put Naya Rivera on the cover as a hot young babe who’s also the face of lesbian love courtesy of Glee‘s current story lines. (She plays lesbian cheerleader Santana Jones, who’s now finding love in the big city with Demi Lovato. We’ve gone on for a while about that.)

We’re sure Big Sean doesn’t mind watching his fiancĂ© making out with Demi Lovato on the small screen. He probably feels pretty hip having Naya Rivera on the cover of Rolling Stone, too. We sure won’t make fun of Naya. She’s already a showbiz veteran, having started out as a child actor. It was pretty neat when she recently showed up on the revived Arsenio Hall Show–having originally having appeared on his show back in 1991.

Now check out these pics to see how Naya has grown, and why we’re excited about her being around long after Glee is gone…

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