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Natasha Yi: PRICE IS RIGHT Girl Gone Wild! [3 VIDEOS]


Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of The Price is RIght‘s Rachel Reynolds. Today, it seems that former Price Is Right model Natasha Yi is looking for attention–and we’re giving her plenty as she releases her latest wild video. We’re thinking that Natasha is a former Price Is RIght gal for a reason. Mainly, the fact that she can’t keep from putting up hot (and artsy) footage of herself dolled up in lingerie or going nearly naked on public streets.

Natasha is hot enough to have hit the big screen as Kelly Hu‘s stunt double in The Scorpion King–but we’ve preferred Natasha doing her own stunts in videos like Playboy: Girlfriends and Playboy: Girls of Mardi Gras. She made those back in the ’90s, and moved on to The Price is Right in 2005. It was a short stint, and that was back in the days when Bob Barker was hosting–which means she was officially one of Barker’s Beauties.

Natasha now seems to be all about breaking beats. Her new video is called “In Da Tub,” and is a psychedelic spectacle that’ll get you rub-a-dub-dubbing. If you know what we mean. [UPDATE: Natasha charmingly corrects us to say that the proper title is “Sous L’eau.”] We’re going to lead up to that new video, though, with some other Natasha clips that’ll get you saying, “Come on down!” But she won’t, because Natasha doesn’t live in the ceiling tiles. We know that because we checked.

Anyway, brace yourself for some wild imagery that’ll get you living on Natasha’s YouTube Channel and Twitter. We’ll make some room for you–but first, clear off your schedule for these naughty Natasha vids…

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