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Knicks City Dancers Reportedly Asked To Stop City Dancing At Knicks Games [PHOTOS]


According to a report in The New York Daily News, NY Knicks Owner and Antichrist James Dolan apparently wants the NY Knicks City Dancers to stop dancing. If you believe the story (which we do), the hands-on owner was upset last week at the fact that his team gave up 40 points to The Minnesota Timberwolves and left his seat to go search out new GM Steve Mills:

He reportedly went on a manhunt for Steve Mills, finding his new general manager in a suite at the renovated Madison Square Garden.

Though Mills may have absorbed the brunt of it, the Daily News reported that Dolan also delivered an edict for the game-day entertainment, ordering the team’s dancers to stop, well, dancing (source).

Instead of shaking and baking, hopping and bopping, or even dancing and enchanting, Dolan apparently wants the Knicks City Dancers to now just stick to throwing out t-shirts to the crowd as if the ladies are the reason that the Knicks are losing.

Forget the fact that you have JR Sniff (hey CAA, that’s a cocaine reference because it’s what he’s doing) doing absolutely nothing on the bench, Amare Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin swapping who gets to play on which day, and a bumbling Italian big man not living up to his contract, the real reason here is that fans don’t have enough t-shirts.

The New York Daily News goes on to make a really good point: why is Dolan punishing the Knicks City Dancers? Along with the Laker Girls, the KCD are the most famous NBA dance squad in the history of the game. They were bringing the heat back when Steven Francis and Starbury were our franchise guys.

It makes absolutely no sense to us why these women should be punished. And perhaps the worst part of it all is that “No one seems to know [why], except the standard response is usually, ‘that’s Dolan.’ ”

So since you’ll not likely see the Knicks City Dancers do their thing for some time now, why not peep some great photos of them below.

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