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‘Cup Queen’ Kate Upton Earns Her Title At Melbourne Horse Race [PHOTOS]


Courtesy of Emirates Airlines, Kate Upton was flown out to Melbourne to appear at Tuesday’s┬áMelbourne Cup Carnival horse race. She’s a big fan of horse racing and riding (sometimes topless), so it makes total sense that they’d want an A-list celebrity out there.

And you know what? Consider that PR mission a success because she got our attention. Go figure. How many times before this year have you even heard of the Melbourne Cup Carnival? Exactly.

What makes this event even more up Kate’s alley is that she was actually born in Melbourne. Melbourne, Florida–but Melbourne all the same.

Anyways we’ve been kind of slacking on our Miss Upton game as of late so I wanted to reassure our readers that we’re back focusing on the important life questions. Namely, how much clothing it takes Kate Upton for her to cover up her cleavage.

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