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Happy Birthday, Corin Nemec: Syfy’s Man of Action [VIDEOS]


Who’s the biggest star in the Syfy Channel Universe? No, it’s not that damn Sharknado. It’s not even Dinoshark, Mega Python, or Sharktopus. The biggest star in the world of Syfy is Mr. Corin Nemec–who’s gone from child star to hipster teen to kick-ass action hero in a world populated by giant wasps, robotic alligators, and spooky spirits. Actually, that kind of makes sense–given that Corin Nemec was inspired to become an actor after seeing The Goonies. (His father worked on the movie, and has become a proper sci-fi figure himself as the Production Designer on movies like Terminator 2 and Riddick.)

Corin would make a prestigious big-screen debut with Francis Ford Coppolla’s 1998 movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Then he grew up to help launch the FOX Network in the title role of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. It was a Ferris Bueller rip-off, but Parker Lewis outlasted the official Bueller television series. After that, Corin proved he could hold his own with serious actors in the ABC network’s miniseries of Stephen King’s The Stand–where he played the show’s creepiest character.

Nemec faced a real challenge for the rest of the ’90s, though. Corin made a few big movies–including Operation Dumbo Drop–but nothing took off. Things worked out better in the new millennium, when Nemec joined the cast of Stargate SG-1. That was the start of Nemec’s amazing sci-fi career–and the actor didn’t waste any time joining in the genre’s wildest moments. He flew to Bulgaria for a film with the fittingly insane title of Mansquito. Was this the same kind of movie that would be embraced by Syfy? Let’s take a look…

Mansquito came out in 2005. Corin then concentrated on carving out killer performances in the title roles of Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck and Ted Bundy: American Icon–but the lure of Syfy epics couldn’t be resisted. Nemec made The Sea Beast in the same year he took a recurring role on the CBS series The Ghost Whisperer. That Whisperer gig was pretty interesting–but here’s a look at The Sea Beast

All of that work helped to fund Star-ving, which remains a fine (and visionary) indie series. Nemec and former Married with Children star David Faustino played themselves as down-and-out former child stars. Corin also began to show up in episodes of Supernatural, and did a fine turn as a desperate ghostbuster in the underseen movie House of Bones. That one played on Syfy–but he got more attention for his great supporting performance in Sand Sharks

2013 should’ve been a big year for Corin Nemec. He had taken a break from Syfy, but came back strong with Dragon Wasps and Robocroc. Then he went to Belize to film Poseidon Rex, and ended up in a life-threatening boat accident. (We followed his recovery via Twitter.) We hope that accident wasn’t why Corin didn’t get the lead role in Sharknado. He really deserved to ride the hype for that movie.

Anyway, Robocroc was kind of a disappointment. Corin gave his usual 100% in the lead role, but Dragon Wasps is more fun. Especially with Nemec’s character having to get high on cocaine to defeat the mutant wasps. Take a look here…

But shed no tears for Corin Nemec as he turns 42 years old today. 2013 still turned out to be pretty spectacular for the guy. He lived through it, for starters. Nemec also landed a role in the upcoming Star Trek: Renegades. That means that we’ll have Corin as part of the sci-fi (if not Syfy) universe for a lot more years. Syfy might mean hot babes like Kaitlyn Leeb, Katriina Isberg, and Anne McDaniels, but we’ll always be grateful to the network for relaunching Corin’s career. We still better see the guy in Sharknado 2, though. At least a cameo. He almost gave his life for Poseidon Rex, you know.

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