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What Should You Do While You’re Waiting For Your Girlfriend To Get Ready? [VIDEO]


Anyone who’s ever had a girlfriend knows the deal: it takes you 30 seconds to get ready while she requires almost an hour to just prep her hair (proof here). According to our very rough calculations, that means that after just one year you’ll end up with almost 100 hours of downtime while waiting for the little lady. Rather than losing that time to playing video games, Axe Hair has come up with a much better solution. Improve yourself. Learn some stuff. Take up that hobby you meant to start in high school.

To demonstrate what they mean, Axe Hair invited select blogs to learn a few skills that any man would be proud to know: how to play the guitar, how to infuse liquor (legally not something you should be doing in high school), how to cook a mean dish, and how to style your hair in seconds.

Take a look at some photos from the event below.

To see some more outlandish suggestions of how to spend your extra time, check out this great new video that Axe Hair did with Rhett and Link.

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