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“Steven Universe” Debuts On Cartoon Network—-From the Makers of “Adventure Time”


Steven Universe premieres tonight. Created by Rebecca Sugar, writer and storyboard artist from Adventure Time. She’s an artist, musician and director who also did storyboards on Sony Pictures Animation’s 2012 movie Hotel Transylvania.

Steven Universe is the only guy in Crystal Gems, a team of four warrior kids in  who have gems that can be activated to summon super powers. They’re out to save the world. Really. They even have a song about it. Steven plays ukulele on it. Steven Universe’s gem stone is a rose quartz that’s stuck in his belly button. The gem is a shield and a projectile. Zach Callison does the voice.

Crystal Gems is led by Garnet, Steven’s mentor. She doesn’t talk much. She has red garnet gem stones embedded in her hands that summon a pair of golden gauntlets of power. Garnet is played by British rapper Estelle.

The “wild child” of the Crystal Gems is Amethyst. She’s got an amethyst in her chest and it pulls up an energy whip. She doesn’t have to eat or sleep, but she does because she likes it. Michaela Dietz mouths the words. The Spock of the outfit is Pearl and she keeps her gem stone in her forehead. Pearl is all about logic. Don’t let the ballerina looks fool you, Pearl’s pearl summons a magic staff. Pearl is voiced by Deedee Magno.

On tonight’s episode, “Gem Glow,” Steven’s favorite ice cream sandwich, the Cookie Cat, has been continued and Crystal Gems have to get it back on the shelves.

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