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Nasty Gal Emily Ratajkowski In Lacy Lingerie (Combat Boots, Too)


We’re just about ready to declare 2013 to be the Year of Emily Ratajkowski. She’s had an amazing past few months, including a big leap into the mainstream as the gal who made the biggest impression with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. Now she’s reportedly set to appear with Ben Affleck in a movie called Gone Girl, and even gets interviewed in the latest edition of British Vogue.

Emily really gets to us with that article, too, as she complains about people gossiping about her breasts. “It’s disappointing,” explained the London gal, “how so many people assume they’re fake. Elizabeth Taylor had a swim body; those body types didn’t just disappear when surgery became available.”

We have a lot of sympathy for Emily (who we knew before she was famous). We’re proud to say that we’ve carefully examined thousands of Emily Ratajkowski photos to avoid making assumptions about her body. Anyway, we may not get many opportunities to see Emily modeling for more modest brands like Nasty Gal. It’s a very popular online retailer, but probably still best known as the company that got its start via a big MySpace following. We think it’s damn gracious of Emily Ratajkowski to put her name to the Nasty Gal brand with these new photos.

Emily certainly looks gracious while modeling in assorted tight outfits and some of the laciest lingerie that we’ve ever seen. Those combat boots should please some guys, too. We will not judge. These pics might not be as flashy as Emily’s recent GQ topless photo shoot, but they sure do a lot to show off the Nasty Gal brand in a way that’s…well, pretty much the opposite of nasty. See for yourself–although we’re not responsible for any nasty thoughts that might appear…

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