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Ally Maki onĀ 2 Broke Girls

(8:30 PM EST, CBS)

Tonight’s episode of 2 Broke Girls is titled “…and the Girlfriend Experience.” That doesn’t surprise us. The only way that we can ever afford the girlfriend experience is if we find a girl that’s totally broke. Tonight’s episode of 2 Broke Girls, however, isn’t about that. Well, not officially. The merry antics actually involve Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs being recruited by Han–the owner of the diner where they work–to convince a stripper to pretend to be his girlfriend. This has something to do with Han having sent a picture of the stripper to his family to convince them he was doing really well in America. [Check out Anna Baria as another 2 Broke Girls beauty.]

Did we mention it’s Sweep Weeks? That’s a good time to have a story line about a stripper–especially one played by Ally Maki. The name might be a little familiar to you. She turned in an amazing performance on an episode of Bones as an androgynous doctor. It takes a lot of effort for a gal like Ally to pass as a man. Anyway, that performance got her a lot of attention. Lots of adolescent males, however, remember Ally being a lot more womanly in the TV-movie iCarly: I Go To Japan, where she played an evil internet entrepreneur.

Sadly, her character wasn’t in the kind of evil internet business that we we wished that she was in—but, you know, the thing aired on the Disney Channel. Bones was what really made Ally Mika a known commodity, though, and she followed that up with a fun appearance on The Big Bang Theory. We were also very happy to see Ally practically in our laps in the 2010 dance movie Step Up 3D. Now we’re stepping up as Ally returns to our living room. You can get a sneak peek of her as a stripper among the other pics here. Just don’t be disappointed if the plot doesn’t go the way that it would if we were in charge of Sweeps Week…

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