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14 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [Nov. 4–7]


Halloween is over and an icy chill has dispersed the Naughty Nurses–so you might think that life has lost all meaning. But, verily we say thee nay, and we’re not even referring to the upcoming Thor film. That’s for the weekend ,and we’re concentrating now on getting through the week. We’re motivated, too. There’s a new album by a young legend and another one by some aging punks, plus the long-awaited debut from a newcomer who’s been on the shelf too long. There’s lesbian intrigue coming to home video, along with a look at the 1970s era of Porn Chic.

Also, we’re checking out concerts from young funky kinds and huge rock legends. One of them has an internet feed, too. Did we mention the Music Festival Afterparty? Yeah, we’re going to one of those, but also looking forward to standing in line with our fellow gamers for some hot new product. There’s sports, too–ranging from football to basketball. Take a look for yourself and agree that surely this is the best of all possible worlds. All of those Naughty Nurses will return someday, too….

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