Rebecca Mader on DROP DEAD DIVA [See Her Tonight]

Rebecca Mader on Drop Dead Diva

(9:00 PM EST, Lifetime)

We admit that we haven’t been paying much attention to the Lifetime network’s Drop Dead Diva. That’s mostly because the show hasn’t had Rebecca Mader as a dominatrix with legal troubles before. But it’s a very special episode of DDD as Rebecca drops in to provide a ravishingly redheaded spectacle to what’s suddenly become an important Sunday show. Of course, we’ve been paying attention to Rebecca Mader. This isn’t even her first visit to this column. We’re not linking back, though, because we have some updated pics that’ll keep you looking to the future. Specifically, a future where Rebecca shows up in your living room as a kinky domme who’s trying to sue a patient who loves courtroom humiliation. We’ve been mad about Mader for a long time, though. We already knew her as one of England’s hottest models before Rebecca even landed in the cast of Lost. She couldn’t land a hit with a role on the superhero drama No Ordinary Family, and things got worse when she joined the cast of the quickly-canceled Work It. (Nobody wanted to watch guys in drag when Rebecca was around.) We’re still convinced that Rebecca can break through as the small-screen Nicole Kidman–and we’re keeping up religiously with Rebecca on Twitter. There’s always Rebecca on Twitter, though. We’re also happy to see Rebecca becoming a cultish kind of gal. She fit right in with the mayhem of Iron  Man 3, although we would’ve liked to have seen more of her. Same with Rebecca’s two visits to the final season of Fringe. She showed off some comic skills with a turn as a sexy she-spy on an episode of Key and Peele, too. Now enjoy the show as we get ready to tune in Drop Dead Diva tonight–if these pics don’t make us drop dead first…

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