Kendall Jenner is 18 Years Old—-Here’s 40 Pics of the Honorary Kardashian

Whoever thought this Jenner would grow into such a beautiful woman? But enough about Bruce–today, we’re celebrating the 18th birthday of Kendall Jenner, known the world over for…well, mostly for being a Jenner with a healthy dose of Kardashian on the side. To get it all correctt: Kendall is officially the full spawn of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner, who are about to get divorced, which should make it even more complicated for Kendall to keep track of her family tree.

Kendall is okay with younger sister Kylie. That’s another full-blooded spawn of the Bruce/Kris corporate merger. Now, however, Kendall is just one remarriage away from things getting really complicated with wrangling half-sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian–augmented by half-brother Rob Kardashian, plus three older half-brothers courtesy of her father’s earlier marriage, those being Burton, Brandon, and Brody, plus an older half-sister named Casey.

You know who our favorite is–but you still might want to reacquaint yourself with the popular bod of  Kim Kardashian. Of course, we’ve still celebrated Kourtney and Khloé among our Favorite Sexy Celebrity Siblings. We’d try to figure out Kendall’s relationship to Kanye and Kim’s kid North, but it is Sunday and our heads still hurt from last night.

Anyway, Kendall has been a professional model since the age of 14. She’s also grown up under the glare of reality-television lighting and the flashes of tabloid photographers. She recently made the news for crashing her brand-new Mercedes G-Class SUV just 18 days after getting her driver’s license. We kind of did the same thing, but that didn’t make the news because we were driving a not-so-new Dodge POS.

Anyway, we expect that Kendall will be making even more news as she celebrates her 18th birthday this November 3rd–with lots of personal drama to keep her going as a reality-television favorite. We’ll be keeping an eye on her, starting with these pics that Kendall has been eager to share herself…

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