5 Badass Videos For Charles Bronson’s Birthday [Video]

Charles Bronson is one of those action film stars who was as tough and badass in real life as he was on the screen. Bronson was born into an extremely poor coal mining family in Pennsylvania. After his father died, Bronson started working in the coal mine himself at ten years old earning $1 for every ton of coal that he mined. He enlisted in the airforce during WWII and earned a Purple Heart as an aerial gunner. He also told a co-star in one of his movies, “I’m going to marry your wife.” That woman was actress Jill Ireland who divorced her husband and married Bronson. We’ve put together a few badass clips that we hope do justice to one of the coolest guys of all time.

To start things off, here’s a video of Bronson beating the crap out of a skinhead in a cage fight from the movie Hard Times.

Charles Bronson doesn’t just know how to kick ass, he knows how to talk to the ladies. If you bluntly tell a woman that you want to have sex with her and offer to kick the women’s bathroom door down because someone else is in there, you probably won’t have the same success as Bronson.

The footage from this clip is from the movie Death Wish. In that movie Bronson plays an architect in NYC who tricks punks into attacking him so that he can kill them an dole out some vigilante justice.

This clip is from the movie Mr. Majestyk in which Bronson plays a melon farmer and Vietnam War vet who wants to harvest his melons in peace. The mob, however, has other plans for him. This clip shows that even tough guys like Bronson have a soft side.

This is a Japanese commercial for a product called Mandom that looks like it’s either talcum powder or an early version of Axe Body Spray. Yeah, this commercial is weird, but Bronson is such a badass is does make us want to buy some Mandom.

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