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40 Pics For Julia Stegner’s 29th Birthday


They say that every time a bell rings, an angel gets her wings–but Julia Stegner has rung our bells plenty of times and never became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. That’s kind of baffling. Some people say that the striking 6′ beauty is too classy for the brand–which we consider to be a very dangerous way of thinking. Julia Stegner has always looked perfectly classy and natural in all kinds of skimpy lingerie and bikinis. She’s sure not getting any less sexy as the Munich-born model celebrates her 29th birthday on November 2nd. (You’re welcome, of course, to compare Julia to some official Victoria’s Secret Angels.)

Julia’s still doing okay without being an official Angel. Her beautiful bod has done plenty of work for the brand, and Julia’s pretty much been in demand since the age of 15. That’s when she was discovered at a Munich Oktoberfest. Julia was spirited off to Paris, and was soon all grown up and modeling for major publications. The green-eyed gal made the cover of Elle magazine early in her adult career, and turned 20 years old with a portfolio that included work for Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Julia’s also done a lot for the face of modeling as an activist for UNICEF. She’s done a lot for us as one of the big names in fashion who’s settled into New York City, and leads a pretty normal life that makes her a regular supermodel sighting. She’s hard to miss, of course, and you won’t be missing a single moment of her in this glamorous gallery. Check her out and join us in anticipating Julia looking thrilling in her thirties…

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