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Weronika Rosati Should Be On Your Radar [Photos]


Weronika Rosati is a sexy new Polish model who should be on your radar.

What’s the first reason to see Last Vegas this weekend? You get Weronika Rosati on the big screen! That’s enough to get our attention–even though we’re not too crazy about hanging out in Vegas with the likes of Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, and Morgan Freeman. We had more fun with the Wolf Pack. The Hangover movies, however, did not have what Last Vegas has–which is Weronika Rosati.

Weronika is a gal who really appreciates being in the movies, too. The popular model from Poland is already pretty successful. She’s shown up on the cover of the Polish version of Maxim, and Weronika has built a real reputation for posing with a cinematic flair. It helps that Weronika is a serious student of classic cinema. She’s actually written a few articles about the Golden Age of Hollywood. You can see how she works some of the same tricks practiced by classic beauties.

Hollywood is starting to pay attention. Last Vegas isn’t even Weronika’s first time hanging out with old guys in the movies. She showed up in last year’s Stand Up Guys, where Weronika wrocked our world in a movie with Al Pacino, Chrisopher Walken, and Alan Arkin. She also stood out in the underseen Sylvester Stallone actioner Bullet to the Head.

Weronika even stopped by our living rooms earlier this year in an episode of NCIS. She also does lot of work in her native Warsaw–but we’re hoping that Hollywood stays hip to Weronika as a rising star. You can get hip to Weronika this weekend–and check out these pics that’ll get a wrise out of you…

Age: 29 | Nationality: Polish

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