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Sexy Dia de Los Muertos Senioritas [39 Pics]


Had enough of Sexy Witches and Naughty Nurses and Jessica Rabbits? Yeah, we know that’s crazy talk. Still, we always welcome November 1st as that fabulous Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead–or La Dia de Los Muertos, as they say back in the native land. We all know and love the Day of the Dead as the holiday where Mexicans honor their deceased ancestors through iconic images of skeletons.

We’re happy to add that plenty of ladies get in on the act. In fact, you’re about to see more sexy skeletons than you can shake a stick at. Or a bone, for that matter. If you know what we mean. The important thing here is that you’re about to see a lot of women who don’t let a little decomposing keep them from looking their best.

We’re talking about some sharp minds who’ve applied some really gorgeous regional artwork to their hot bods. We have skulled ladies posing in everything from lacy lingerie to corsets to…well, nothing at all. We also have some undead gals in groups. We’re guessing that they cuddle together to keep warm. That’s a good idea. (Another good idea: checking out the skeletons of popular cartoon characters.)

You’ll also see some lovely tattoo work on some of these exposed gals.┬áDon’t ask us how a skeleton lady has tattoos, though. They just do, okay? This isn’t really the time to be questioning our belief systems. There are sexy ladies to be seen right now–and don’t go blaming us if you end up with some kind of skull fetish. It’ll pay off big every day after Halloween

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