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November 1, 2013: 34 Pics for Jenny McCarthy’s 41st(!) Birthday


It’s pretty hard to believe that Jenny McCarthy has become a controversial figure. Maybe that’s new to some readers, but others will know that Jenny–who’s now one of the regular ladies on the daytime talker The View–has pissed off a lot of people with her views on vaccinations. That’s a topic that matters to moms, and Jenny has spent several years as a proper MILF. She probably also wanted to address some important topics as she turned 40 last year.

But as we celebrate Jenny’s birthday, let’s forget about her questionable medical beliefs and embrace the rockin’ bod that made her a darling of MTV and Playboy‘s 1994 Playmate of the Year. Actually, the Playboy fame came first, and MTV wisely jumped on Jenny as an on-air personality. She was already hosting music videos on the Playboy Channel, and MTV brought her in to host a dating show called Singled Out. That started a proper Jenny McCarthy Media Explosion. She showed up at WrestleMania XI, signed a book deal, and was promoted to her own MTV sketch show.

She made it to the big screen in the Trey Parker & Matt Stone movie BASEketball. Jenny had less luck with a short-lived sitcom. Playboy kept welcoming her back, of course. Then the ’90s came to an end, and a lot of people probably thought Jenny was wrapping up her career with a role in Scream 3. Instead, Jenny has kept going. She was mostly beloved in the ’90s as a hot babe who acted like a bro’, and the Jenny McCarthy brand focused on MILFdom as she became pregnant during a brief marriage. (Here are 22 supermodel MILFs, just so you know they’re around.)

Jenny hasn’t been particularly popular on The View, but she’s still making news at the age of 40–yesterday, in fact, with her Halloween costume as Miley Cyrus’ tongue. She still has it–whatever “it” is, and these pics will convince you that Jenny is one incredible It Girl of any decade…

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