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Halloween NYC 2013: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly [71 PHOTOS]


There aren’t that many huge Halloween traditions in America. People mostly just congregate around the local haunted houses. One of the big exceptions is the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, which brings in people from all over to watch a major New York City spectacle. People mainly attend knowing that they’ll get lots of political theater, along with bizarre costumes from theater professionals.

You’ll also get a few sexual fetishists who love getting to parade their kinks in public–along with uninhibited NYC women who just enjoy showing off their bods for the holiday. We’re very happy to report that we have plenty of those ladies in the pics below. Last night brought out a particularly wild crowd for the 40th anniversary of the Halloween Parade–which, like most great things in New York City, began as a spontaneous display of weirdness. Now it’s a celebrity-studded event which has even flirted with fame as a national broadcast. (You can look back at some earlier hot NYC Halloween gals here.)

This year was particularly important–and not just because of that 40th Anniversary. Last year’s parade was canceled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. That was a big disappointment to a lot of people. Especially admirers of ghouls and girls and ghoulish girls. We have plenty of those represented in these hot mess of Halloween pics.

You also get sexy superheroines and dazzling showgirls. It’s not all sex and glamour on the streets of NYC, though, so we’ve added some strictly spooky moments from all over the chilling streets of Manhattan. Which reminds us that we can’t guarantee that all of the gals in these pics are actually gals. We won’t judge if you find any of these pics to be howlingly hot, though. As you’ll see, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has something for everyone…

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