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Charisma Carpenter on “Blue Bloods” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Charisma Carpenter onĀ Blue Bloods

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

November 1st may be The Day of the Dead, but we’re getting pretty lively over pretty MILFs here at COED. We’ve already celebrated Jenny McCarthy’s birthday, and now we’re tuning in tonight for Charisma Carpenter–guesting on Blue Bloods as an ex-girlfriend of Donnie Wahlberg, who’s currently dating Jenny McCarthy in real life. It’s a conspiracy, people.

We also love Charisma Carpenter, who’s 43 years old and recently posted selfies of herself in a bikini that would’ve gotten any teen’s hormones raging. (Yes, we’ve included those here.) Charisma deserves the attention, too. She actually had a surprisingly unexceptional career during her early days in Hollywood. Charisma finally got a chance to live up to her name when she was cast as a bitchy high-school cheerleader (at the age of 26) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She took what was meant to be a recurring role and ended up as a main character on Buffy–with her character of Cordelia eventually maturing into a proud demon fighter.

Cordelia was popular enough to end up on the Angel spin-off series. The character eventually came to a sad end, and that should’ve been because of Charisma’s major film commitments. Instead, Charisma has really maintained her career on the small screen. She teamed up with Alicia Silverstone for the short-lived Miss Match series while Angel was still on the air. Charisma then moved on to Veronica Mars for another sadly short story arc.

Sylvester Stallone brought back a lot of male stars to the multiplexes with his Expendables movies, but guys were really touched by him bringing in Charisma as the stripper girlfriend of Jason Statham. We never thought that was how Charisma would finally land a film franchise. It’s no surprise that Charisma is still in demand, and we’re hoping that she’ll keep showing up in our living rooms–but we also wouldn’t mind her having a role in that femme version of The Expendables that keeps getting discussed. But that’s enough discussion already. We have hot Charisma pics to ogle…

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