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October 31, 2013: Piper Perabo’s Scary Sexy Birthday


It’s hard to believe that Piper Perabo started out with some pretty bad breaks. The haunting Halloween beauty had made a few small films in the ’90s, but started off the new millennium with starring roles in two summer films–both of which bombed. Piper was just supposed to be an offbeat leading lady with the big-screen Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, but the rowdy bar movie Coyote Ugly was meant to turn her into the new Julie Roberts. Instead, Piper Perabo was suddenly Hollywood’s new box-office poison.

Piper responded by doing two of the things that any actress should do to reestablish herself. She took a role in a well-written indie drama, and chose a script about young lesbians. That suddenly made Piper a proper draw to lots of guys. Lost and Delirious was kind of overwrought in its tale of girl/girl galavanting, but Piper suddenly seemed a lot more daring. Then she took a second opportunity to showcase her lighter talents in the modest comedy Slap Her, She’s French!–which had Piper getting back to her Dallas roots as a scheming foreign-student student.

Piper then sneaked back into American multiplexes among the cast of the Cheaper By The Dozen movies. She also had a lead role in the 2005 horror movie The Cave–which paired her with actress Leda Heady. Things were a lot more memorable when Piper and Leda paired off their pairs as lesbian lovers in the romantic comedy Imagine Me & You.

That second lesbian romp turned Piper into a real favorite with the indie crowd. She had a proper following for the USA network series Covert Affairs, where Piper has become one of America’s favorite she-spys. (She has a modest Twitter following, though.) Piper’s turning 37 years old today with a brighter future than she could’ve imagined back in 2001–but these pics will prove why some people always professed Piper’s star power…

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