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Counting Down Hollywood’s Greatest Stunt Men and Women


We are big fans of NOS Energy Drink here in the COED office because we need some serious fuel to be as awesome as we are. So when we caught wind of the brand’s hilarious new marketing campaign, we had to see what the buzz was all about.

Their video series Hiiire the Hype is about outrageously annoying marketing super-bro Jordan Treehoefer and his quest to get a job at NOS. If you think he’s irritating in episode one when he tries to plaster NOS’ logo all over anything and everything he can think of, he walks into the office in episode two wearing a smelly spacesuit. In his third attempt to snag a job, he walks into the NOS office in a ridiculous cow costume, making him the biggest animal fail of all.

So what can you expect to see in episode four above? Well, you should really watch it to find out, but we can tell you it involves a little something called the GoBro Crack Cam. NOS doesn’t mess with fakes like Jordan but can’t get enough of the real stunt men and women who are brave enough to step in for our favorite action movie stars. So to honor them, we are counting down our five favorite stunt actors below.

  • COED Writer