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Candice Swanepoel in ELLE UK Will Chase Away Evil Spirits


Candice Swanepoel nearly has her blouse scared off her bod in these amazing pics from her Elle UK photo shoot–and we would’ve gladly put on our best Ghostbusters costumes to protect the fair lady. In fact, Candice has never looked more fair than in these pics. She’s blonde to the point of being bleached. You could even say that Candice Swanepoel looks perfectly angelic, which makes the Victoria’s Secret’s Angel a welcome presence on a spooky Halloween.

Check out Elle UK for the whole package, of course. This photo shoot is a big deal for the cover model, too. Candice Swanepoel is a big name to us, bu this Elle cover officially makes Candice a major fashion figure outside of lounging in lingerie. She’s still pretty in pink, but Candice is sporting a metallic-pink leather jacket from Saint Laurent this time. In fact, the stunner from South Africa keeps going from strength to strength as the year comes to an end.

We recently covered (very closely) Candice’s big honor of sporting the coveted Fantasy Bra at the upcoming ¬†2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was a very pleasant surprise to see her ranked among the Top Ten on Forbe‘s recent¬†“World’s Highest Paid Models” list. Candice is definitely poised to break out very big in 2014, and we’ll be saying that we were early big fans–covering her GIFs, her bikini modeling, and even her hot Halloween pics. Let’s not forget how things turned out for Miranda Kerr, who also sported the Fantasy Bra in a whole other life.

So take a happy Halloween look at Candice on the edge of true SuperModelStardom. It really is kind of scary to think of Candice maybe moving beyond her days with Victoria’s Secret, but we can’t worry about that–especially with these classy pics that’ll put a poltergeist in your pants…

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