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Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Together Again: Here’s Johnny’s Motivation


Greater love hath no movie star than to lay down a cameo in the name of his hot actress girlfriend. Johnny Depp sure understand what we mean. He reportedly just dropped out of a prestigious Whitey Bulger crime drama because the producers couldn’t meet his $20 million payday. That’s even after The Lone Ranger. But now we learn that Johnny is going before the cameras for cheap in honor of his girlfriend Amber Heard.

That’s right, folks. The Lone Ranger may have bombed, but Johnny Depp is laughing at us all because he’s still dating Amber Heard. We can’t blame the guy. He’s already gotten plenty of acclaim for packin’ the cure that got Amber Heard off the lesbian love lines and back to driving stick. Johnny now wants to help out Amber after the gal saw her recent Paranoia¬†stiffing at the box-office. Sure, Amber got us going to the theater for Machete Kills, but that was more of a fun indulgence. Amber is carrying the upcoming film London Fields. She stars as a doomed gal who’s killing her final months by dating various guys–one of whom will be her killer.

We don’t think that character will be Johnny Depp. As noted, he’s just filming a quick cameo. Billy Bob Thornton is the movie’s leading man. Johnny Depp is the off-screen leading lover who’s lending some real star power to the project–all as a favor to his girlfriend. Actually, this counts as a double reunion, since Johnny and Amber hadn’t been seen together for a while. Now we know that the romance is still on–a romance which, we’ll note, might very well have started back when Johnny and Amber met on the set of The Rum Diaries.

That indie film also disappointed at the box office, but we’re thinking that Johnny is still very glad he took the role. You’ll understand why as we roll out some Amber pics…

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