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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Satan


We’re bringing out the big names for Halloween, people. Sure, we’ve looked at Michael Myers and Halloween in the past, and zombies, and our favorite Scream Queens, and even our favorite Halloween candies. Today, though, is All Hallow’s Eve, and we’re worshiping talking about the Dark Lord Himself–Mr. Satan! There’s a lot to learn about this fascinating character, too. We delve into Satan’s early history before looking into his very important work in movies and television–while also saluting the hard-working visionaries who helped to make Satan a household name in the 20th century.

You might also want to learn a little more about the Witchy Women of Halloween. We don’t think Satan will mind if you let those gals distract you. But we’re still very happy to present some fun facts about the Prince of Lies. We’re pretty sure that he’s always been a big part of the COED corporate philosophy–especially when he kicks back and settles for being The King of Empty Promises. So kick back before your Halloween hauntings and learn more about the powerful entity behind all the best (and worst) behavior of Halloween…

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J.R. Taylor has spent several years covering all aspects of pop culture for prestigious publications. Well, they were prestigious. Contact me: @google+ @twitter @email @website