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Snake Venom Beer Is A Deathly 135 Proof (67.5% APV) … And We Need It In The Office


Move over 151, Everclear and rubbing alcohol. There’s a new sheriff in town to take shots at your liver.

Snake Venom, brewed by Brewmeister in Scotland, has been declared by alcoholic junkies as world’s strongest beer. It’s so potent it comes with a yellow warning/death label wrapped around the top. One beer is equivalent to 15 shots, so literal snake venom might actually be healthier for you in the end.

Still though, we need this for the office. Or at least have The Professor review it for a What’s On Tap. If he doesn’t go blind, consider it a victory for mankind. Because it’s sold for roughly around $80, this might actually be able to happen. That is, if this legal poison can get past customs.

  • COED Writer