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Rihanna Poolside Instagram Pics: Wish We Were There


Chris Brown is in jail and talking about anger management therapy after his latest brawl–and Rihanna is relaxing by a pool in the Dominican Republic. There is some justice in the world. There’d be even more justice if we were hanging out with Rihanna right now. Instead, we’re just ogling the view as Rihanna thoughtfully posts plenty of pics via her Instagram account. (Hopefully, somebody’s explained to Rihanna that ganja isn’t legal in the DR–although we’ll still probably get more hot pics of her toking.)

It’s especially thoughtful of Rihanna not to waste our time with pics of the Dominican Republic’s natural beauty. Instead, we’re adoring the natural beauties of Rihanna, as captured by–well, we’re not sure who’s taking the pics. It’s sure not us. We know that Rihanna has brought her assistant along, because one of these Instagram pics has the pop diva drinking underwater with her employee. So there’s some kind of third party involved.

We still really like the idea of Rihanna sending her assistant up to a hotel balcony to get a really good aerial shot of Rihanna relaxing on a raft while in a bikini. We’d take that job for $100,000 a year. We wouldn’t be able to pay that all at once, of course. Rihanna would have to take installments.

We stole that joke from an episode of Monk, but that’s okay. These pics should wipe out any coherent thoughts from your mind, anyway. Isn’t that what a vacation is for? Anyway, enjoy these fine photos. Some are a little blurry, but others are perfectly composed. A few others could stand Rihanna turning just a little to the left. Seriously, it’s a shame that Rihanna doesn’t bring us along for that kind of advice…

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