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Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Off To Jail: 50 Hot Pics To Remember Her By


As we reported earlier, Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon was arrested last year for smuggling a man into the United States. We like the idea of being smuggled into the United States by a Playboy Playmate, and have many suggestions on the best places to hide us. Sadly, we were not called to testify about how none of those would actually work in real life. That’s probably why Colleen has now been sentenced to four months in prison for sneaking her Canadian boyfriend across the North American border.

Our first thought about this terrible news is that we really hope that the writers for Orange is the New Black like to rip story ideas from today’s headlines. Also, we’re concerned about the Winter Party season getting pretty dull without the presence of the lady who (perhaps rightfully) bills herself as the World’s Sexiest DJ. Colleen isn’t a mere Playboy Playmate, you know–assuming there is any such thing. Colleen was the 50th Anniversary Playmate with her appearance on the cover of Playboy‘s  January, 2004 issue.

We’re also wondering how Colleen Shannon will take comfort during these cold winter months in the penitentiary? She has to turn herself in by December 3rd. We’ll send her some pictures of ourselves to help keep her company, but will that be enough? Will she turn to her fellow prisoners for warmth? We’ll be giving that a lot of thought–and faithfully keeping up with Colleen’s Twitter account.

As you can see by these amazing pics, Miss Shannon sure isn’t shy when she’s around other women. Check out these photos–in a new and expanded gallery–to comfort yourself as we go into a cold, cold winter without Colleen Shannon free to wander the world. Now let your eyes go wandering over our new favorite imprisoned beauty…

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