October 30, 2013: 28 Pics for Nastia Liukin’s 24th Birthday

It’s a good week for Olympic champions. Just yesterday, we were cheering on the amazing…um, career of Amanda Beard. Now it’s the birthday of gymnast Nastia Liukin–who we were stalking thrilled to see in Times Square right after we’d finished being in awe over Amanda. We couldn’t make meaningful eye contact because Nastia was wearing sunglasses, but we’re pretty sure that she was blinking out a message in morse code that she’d really like to hook up with us, and that we should pay her a birthday tribute. One of those things is going to happen.

Nastia Liukin is turning 24 years old today, which means that she’s retired. You can’t be an old woman like that and go winning Olympic medals. Nastia still did pretty good during her younger days, though. She won an Olympics gold medal, along with two silvers and a bronze. That’s a nice collection. Nastia also picked up plenty of World Championships medals in gymnastics. She won seven of them for her individual work, and picked up two more as part of a team.

It’s probably no surprise that Nastia is from Moscow and is the scion of two former Soviet champions. She’s still all-American, though. Her family moved to the States when she was young, and Nastia landed on her feet as a proud Texan. America certainly loves the gal. Her roving celebrity makes her plenty of fun on Twitter, and the petite powerhouse (standing a tallish 5’3″ for her field) has made a few impressive turns at acting.

We still can’t believe that the CW cheerleader show Hellcats was canceled before Nastia could film the episode where she was set for a guest appearance. We could’ve had a hellacious pairing of Nastia and Ashley Tisdale, people. At least we still have plenty of Nastia’s fine modeling work. The lady like fashion, and she proves that you don’t have to be a statuesque beauty to rock a hot outfit. So check out these pics and join us in wishing Nastia a happy birthday. You’ll also want to join us in signing a petition to get Hellcats back on the air…

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