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New “Wolf of Wall Street” Trailer: Leonardo, Jonah, and Babes Wrapped In Cash


The new trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street sure makes corruption look like a lot of fun. You have Leonardo DiCaprio flashing huge wads of cash and Jonah Hill getting seduced by a Jaguar–in what’s kind of like a scene from Will Smith’s The Pursuit of Happyness if that lead character had gone on to a life of crime. See, we have to be reminded that Martin Scorsese is making a movie about a Wall Street con man. The trailer plays more like a teenage sex comedy with millionaires. Leonardo breaks the fourth wall in the trailer to note that all of the shenanigans aren’t exactly legal, and it doesn’t feel like a confession. It feels like a scene from a Ferris Bueller sequel.

We’re not complaining. We know that Martin Scorsese can really twist the knife when it comes to reality interfering with his crazed characters. This trailer mainly makes us very happy that he buckled down and came up with a final edit that gets Wolf released this Christmas. There was some talk for a while that the movie would have to be postponed to 2014. Now we get to entertain the idea of Jonah Hill becoming an Oscar nominee for a baffling second time as Best Supporting Actor.

It’s also fun to see Rob Reiner show up as a seemingly honest accountant among the wild spending Wall Street scene–and, as you can see in that pic, it turns out that Margot Robbie is pretty sexy when clad in a bikini and bundles of dollar bills. Actually, that sounds sexy even without the imagery–but here it is for you…

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