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11 Types Of People You’ll See At Halloween Parties This Year [PHOTOS]


Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday. Dressing up as your favorite cartoon character, getting to hang out with your friends after dark without parents, and coming home with pillowcases full of every possible form of a sugar high you could imagine for hours and hours of annoying your parents. Every kid’s dream.

But my dreams were crushed when my city placed a ban on trick-or-treating after age 12. Halloweens from then on just weren’t the same. Watching Friday the 13th at home and helping your parents give candy to under-12’ers just didn’t compare to the adrenaline rush from trick-or-treating. Every year my loathing for October 31st became stronger and stronger…until I came to college.

Finding out that I could dress up as whatever I wanted despite what my parents would say, get hammered, dance my a** off, then eventually pass out and wake up with my costume still 100% intact (or on someone’s floor) was possibly the best discovery I’ve ever made.

Halloween parties re-sparked my love for the season and the holiday and accounts for probably the most fun I’ve ever had these past three years. And what’s even better than the party? The costumes. Planning your costume weeks in advance isn’t strange, and becoming drunk friends with someone based solely on what they showed up wearing is the norm. On that note, your costume tends to get more and more creative each year because freshmen typically suck at originality. Freshmen boys will often show up to the party without costume but year after year transform into something even better than the last as they join fraternities, become alcoholics, get more comfortable, etc. Freshmen girls will show up wearing minimal clothing and say they’re dressed up as something with ears, such as a cat, (or mouse, tiger, bunny), but by senior year have become either too self-conscious or too afraid of judgment from their friends and will end up dressed up as a member of NWA, or anything that is completely the unsexiest thing you could possibly think of.

Either way, Halloween parties are awesome, but the costumes are even better and can be totally awesome or totally suck along with everything in-between. Here’s a list of the 11 types of people (and their costumes) that you will inevitably run into at a Halloween party.

  • COED Writer