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Anne McDaniels on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


Anne McDaniels on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

It’s always Halloween for Anne McDaniels–who’s playing a stripper on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tonight, but also dresses up everyday as one of Hollywood’s busiest models and actresses. Why, it was just last week that Anne got in a naughty nurse costume to help Johnny Knoxville host a premiere party for Bad Grandpa. Anne McDaniels is actually one of the biggest names on the Hollywood party circuit–not that she’s a big partier. Instead, Anne is a true professional who can keep smiling up a storm while promoting various events. (We keep up with her via Twitter.)

[CSI, of course, has also inspired us to investigate ladies like Kelly Hu, Sandra Vergara, and Elisabeth Harnois–and, as a public service, we’ll also note that tonight is Mindy Robinson‘s appearance on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This is why God made DVRs, people.]

Anne isn’t just another pretty face and smokin’ bod, though. People call on Anne McDaniels when they need a model who can also project a whole lot of personality. That’s how she’s landed a recurring role as one of Conan O’Brien’s favorite ladies for comedy sketches. We can tell you that the Conan staff takes that kind of casting very seriously. Anne actually got her start in NYC as a go-go dancer on a skit with David Letterman, but the former NFL cheerleader soon found her real fortune in California.

We’re very happy to report that Anne is getting bigger roles, as well. It means a lot to us that she’s worked with Syfy in their production of Poseidon Rex. We know that she’ll display the spirited pluck that we expect from a leading lady in a Syfy Original Production. We’re also looking forward to Anne working with biker film icon Larry Bishop in the upcoming Miserlou. It’ll be a real lost opportunity if those two don’t share some scenes.

We also expect that Anne will find some way to steal a scene while playing a TV Weather Girl in the upcoming Jake Gyllenhaal movie Nightcrawler. Our eyes will be crawling the screen looking for her. We have Anne right here for now, though, and it’s a really fun collection of photos. You’ll see lots of shots of Anne at her sexiest, but there are also plenty of celebrity cameos, and a nice look at the working life of a Hollywood beauty. You’ll want to take a nice look yourself…

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