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Anne Hathaway: “Don’t Talk To Me”—-But Look Sideways for Sideboob


Our pals at RadarOnline have yet another hot scoop–courtesy of a leaked email from the Oct. 19 Pink Party Gala in Santa Monica. That’s a big event to raise money in the fight against breast cancer. Now it seems that some staffers are fighting back against celebrity guest Anne Hathaway. As written up by Radar’s investigative reporters, Anne Hathaway was expressing some serious concerns about certain riff-raff coming up and asking for tacky things like autographs–or maybe even a quick photo that could wind up on Reddit with a headline like, “I ran into Batman’s girlfriend tonight…”

To be fair, Radar is crediting the real scoop to In Touch–who, if they have the email, haven’t put it up on their site yet. Radar is still very excited to report that In Touch has a quote from a staffer who says, “Everyone was asked not to talk to her.” But we don’t get what the big deal is all about not being able to approach Anne Hathaway. We’ve always thought that the best way to approach the actress involved a sideways glance–because nobody’s rocking the sideboob like Anne Hathaway. (Although we’ve also saluted the sideboob of babes like Marisa Miller, Paulina Gretzky, and assorted Comic-Con gals.)

If you did not know about Anne’s awesome sideboob displays, then you are in for a treat. There’s nothing androgynous about Anne once you check her out from the right angle. See for yourself with this sensational gallery that’ll save you plenty of eyestrain. That is, if you ever meet up with Anne in real life. You might get an email first–so indulge some staring with 40 fabulous shots of Anne’s sideways charms…

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