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Ain’t That A Witch! 106 Sexy Wiccans, Vampires, And…We’re Not Sure What


Halloween is all about Sexy Nurses and Sexy Wonder Women and Sexy Freddy Kruegers nowadays. Yeah, we get it. Ladies like to be sexy. But what of those very special ladies who are Sexy Witches throughout the year? We like them a lot–and we love Halloween because other ladies are inspired to try that witchy look. The season still gets us thinking about the hardcore hotties whose wardrobes and makeup cabinets all look like a black pit of death. We think about them so much that we’ve put together a bewitching collection of…um, witches.

Now, we’re not sure that all of these gals are witches. Some of them are actresses and pin-up models that you’ll recognize. There are definitely a few vampires that have stalked their way into the mix. Some of these women, of course, are just your average, everyday incredibly sexy Goth gals. Furthermore, you might very well stumble upon a dominatrix or two. It’s really hard to sort these types out without getting bogged down in all kinds of details.

But the devil is in the details, and you’re welcome to pore over the details of these gals who’ve poured themselves into leather corsets. Well, that’s one popular outfit. We have some frillier dark dames, too, plus a few pagan Earth Mother types. Obviously, this is a gallery for guys who like brunettes–but you’ll also find redheads and blondes. Above all, you’ll find the kind of bad girls that you definitely want to meet in a dark alley some night. Maybe even this Halloween. A ritual sacrifice wouldt help your odds, of course, and this gallery will give you plenty of inspiration…

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