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These SDSU Baseball Player Dressed As The Jamaican Bobsled Team Hit A Grand Slam [VIDEO]


Today I learned that every year the San Diego State University baseball team plays a game in their Halloween costumes.

Today I also learned that when someone dresses up as the Jamaican Bobsled team and attempts to run to first base I will not stop cracking up. If you haven’t seen this yet, prepare to see the funniest video of the entire day.

As a show of support for the fine gentlemen of the SDSU baseball team who took the time out of their hungover Sundays to provide me with these 2 minutes of joy, I’ve ranked my favorite outfits of the team from best to worst. I think I got them all.

The Cincinnati Bearcats are no longer the owners of my favorite college baseball video.

21. The iPhone Facebook App – Nobody likes Facebook anymore. Plus you throw like a girl.

20. The iPhone Instagram App – The social media thing was a bad idea but kudos for playing in a box

19. The iPhone Snapchat App – (See above) and this could have been done so much better.

18. Ninja – Way to go the non-stereotypical route

17. Woody – Overall poor execution.

15. Clown – That’s a clown costume, bro.

14. Cowboy (pitcher) – Points for not going the assless chaps route.

13. Boxer (right field) – Less than impressed, that’s why you’re sitting in right.

12. Captain America – No words. Neither good nor bad.

11. Underwear and cape – I tip my hat to the gentleman for not wearing any clothes but had he slid at 0:54, this would be a higher score for sure.

10. Lifeguard – I’m just going to leave this one alone.

9. Chicken – Can’t be afraid to make decisions when you’re the 1st base coach.

8. Cheerleader – I’m not entirely sure that Ms. NOS Xplod is wearing implants in that outfit.

7. Obama – Points are deducted for not wearing the mask at all times.

6. Buddy The Elf – He would be in the Top 5 if he was recorded yelling “You did it!

5. Gorilla – Kudos for wearing the hottest outfit of them all.

4. Redskin Native American – Keeping it topical, I like it.

3. Diaper Baby – I don’t know what’s whiter, his diaper or his legs

2. Charger Girl – Way to play to your audience here, kid.

1. Jamaican Bobsled Team – This costume is so good that every hit should have been followed immediately by a bat flip.

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