Make A Fire-Breathing Gene Simmons KISS Pumpkin [Video]

We know that Jack o’ Lantern Wars have become a big part of Halloween. We’ve paid tribute to plenty of celebrity pumpkins, for instance. Still, we think this Gene Simmons Demonfire Pumpkin deserves some special attention. The video below shows how to make one yourself, and we think it’s worth several merit badges within the KISS Army. We also like how you can use the technology to make other kind of fire-breathing pumpkins. It could very well be that Gene Simmons has already copyrighted the idea, but we’re thinking of fire-breathing dragon pumpkins, or maybe a fire-breathing Charlie Sheen pumpkin.

Even better, a fire-breathing Barney the Dinosaur Pumpkin would make for some world-class pumpkin punkin’ for some creepy kids in our neighborhood. But that is a bad thought, and we have medication to keep us from dwelling on that kind of thing.

Maybe we should have put this up yesterday, but we were really tempted to wait until tomorrow to post this fine video. That would be October 30th, which will be the 35th anniversary of when KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park debuted as a TV-movie. Ever heard of that one? It’s the 1978 film where the members of KISS tried to become superheroes. It’s generally considered to be the beginning of the end for KISS’ initial reign as one of the greatest rock bands of the ’70s.

The band recovered, though, and now¬†KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park seems like a fun curio. Maybe we’ll watch it again tomorrow–after we’re done experimenting with these fine pumpkin pyrotechnics. This looks easy, right? Don’t want to burn down the house, though, so we’re going to start making ours in the COED supply closet where we keep assorted cleansers and rags. Check back with you later…

[protected-iframe id=”0d9c640fdef500ae7015bc77da89ae6a-3508545-34451079″ info=”” width=”590″ height=”320″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

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