The 100 Hottest Costumes At The 2013 Playboy Mansion Halloween Party Photos


Halloween at the Playboy Mansion is not something for the faint of heart (as we’ve already shown you) and this year’s party was no exception to the rule. Every celebrity blogger site is already talking about how Paris Hilton attended this year’s soiree dressed as Miley Cyrus but how they’ve failed to even discuss the other sexy costumes is beyond me. After searching high and low for the hottest outfits from this year’s Playboy Mansion Halloween party, it’s safe to say that Paris isn’t even in the top 15 best costumes. Sorry toots.

Speaking of Miley, she must be doing something right because even Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Harris got in on the pop star’s MTV Music Video fame.

Somehow, despite over three “Miley” costume sightings (tongue and all), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (specifically Mexican model Marlene Marie) managed to steal the show. I’m not sure what the reason was that so many people decided to dress as the crime-fighting Testudines but you can be sure that these aren’t the variety you’re used to seeing on children’s television.

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