Sarah Molasky on “CASTLE” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Sarah Molasky on Castle

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

It’s a big day in showbiz news, as Sarah Molasky finally gets a speaking role on television! That’s after having spent several years taking all kinds of abuse in front of the cameras. The stunning stunt gal  is probably best known for plummeting to a watery grave as Naomi Judd in this year’s Olympus Has Fallen. We also fell for Sarah as she took a fatal fall for ABC in Revenge. We did not know that was Sarah getting slammed by a spirited ghost in Scary MoVie, but she’s certainly lovely enough to have filled in for Lindsay Lohan.  (This isn’t our first stunt love, either, and you should remember getting a gander at Monique Ganderton.)

Sarah’s mostly been busy this Fall season getting pummeled on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where she’s stood in for Chloe Bennett and Leonor Varela. We should’ve given Sarah a plug while we were ogling Leonor’s lovely pics. We’re making up for that now with tonight’s Castle–where, yes, Sarah Molasky does some stunt work, but also lands a speaking role in a tale of weird ritual killings.

Sarah has worked hard for her success, too. She’s actually a Las Vegas lady with some powerful family connections. Sarah could’ve coasted through life, but instead became a disciplined gymnast who ended up as the lead acrobat at the “Le Reve” show at Wynn Las Vegas. That exhausting spectacle had Sarah doing amazing acrobatics (plus a scary high dive) in a 21-foot tank of water that held a million gallons. Sarah would’ve probably ended up with Cirque du Soleil if their auditions hadn’t been banned by NCAA regulations during her years competing in college gymnastics.

Doing stunts in front of the cameras has probably seemed like a vacation–but we’re glad that Sarah Molasky hasn’t let up on her ambition. Check out these pics, and you’ll see why we’re ready to see more of Sarah without horrible things happening to her. But then scroll downfor hot video of Sarah taking care of herself…

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