Animal Stunts Gone Wrong [GIFS]

We are big fans of NOS Energy Drink here in the COED office because we need some serious fuel to be as awesome as we are. So when we caught wind of the brand’s hilarious new marketing campaign, we had to see what the hype was all about.

In the brand’s first video, we meet marketing super-bro Jordan Treehoefer who is trying to get a job at NOS, basically by acting like a huge douche. And if you know anything about NOS, you know they are NOT buying into his antics. So he tries again in episode two when he walks in wearing a smelly spacesuit, thinking that making it rain crumbled dollar bills will sell energy drinks. And just when the NOS team thinks they’ve gotten rid of him for good, Jordan sneaks back into their offices wearing a ridiculous cow costume. Want to know what insane idea he has to sell NOS Energy Drink this time? Check out the video above and add the word Sheizerbäng to your list of words to never use again.

Jordan’s stunt may be a complete bust, but there are some animal fails that are truly hilarious. Check out our gallery below of the best animal fail GIFs – we promise they will make the afternoon go by faster.

This post brought to you by NOS

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