Here’s The Big Finish To “BAD GRANDPA”—-Courtesy of Paramount Studios [VIDEO]

With a proper title like Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, America knew that Johnny Knoxville had once again made a film that we could all embrace. In fact, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa manage to net a cool $32 million this weekend–according to the bean-counters at BoxOfficeMojo. Even better, Bad Grandpa has brought the critics’ darling Gravity back to earth after three weeks of riding high as America’s number-one movie.

So let’s salute America for proving that it loves our seniors and hates seriousness of any sort. The biggest surprise, of course, is that a motion-picture studio gets it. So big congrats to Paramount Pictures–who probably knew they had a winner all along. The studio’s been bankrolling the Jackass franchise for years while laughing all the way to the bank.

But now Paramount is being truly generous to the public that connects the jack to the ass. The studio has done something must defenders of copyright and intellectual property would never do. In fact, most studios would rather sell their beloved Grandpa to the dog-food company than follow Paramount’s lead in releasing the following fine clip Bad Grandpa.

You’re not about to see some teaser clip or promotional trailer. Instead, you’re going to relive (you’ve seen Bad Grandpa, right?) the movie’s big punch line. We’re talking about the biggest laugh of the entire film—the climax, the money shot, the happy ending! It’s like the ultimate SPOILER alert, but, really, what does it matter? Paramount must feel like the movie has enough laughs to still provide plenty of box-office.

So here’s pretty much everybody’s favorite scene from Bad Grandpa, as the titular Grandpa and his young chubby male grandson join in a Junior Miss Beauty Competition. We mentioned that Grandpa has a grandson, right? Anyway, marvel (again) at the merry hijinks that cracked America up this weekend…

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