Celebrate Czech Republic Independence Day With the 27 Sexiest Czechs

We hope that you’re not planning to get much done in the Czech Republic today. It’s a holiday, you know. October 28th is the official Indepence Day for the the former Bohemian state. Czechoslovakia officially became a republic after the first World War ended in 1918. Actually, that was on November 14th, 1919–but we swear that today is really the official Czech Republic Independence Day. Of course, the saga of Czechoslovakia  kept changing through the 20th century. We didn’t really get the twin success of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic until January 1st, 1993.

We’d say that January 1st should be a formal holiday, except it kind of already is a big deal as New  Year’s Day. Proud workers of the fashion industry are nursing their hangovers when they should be celebrating the beauties of the Czech Republic–who, of course, have strolled down many a catwalk.

Some of them have been properly featured on their own here–such as Petra Nemcova , Karolina Kurková, and  Zdenka Podkapova. We’ve even posed the potentially treasonous question of Who’s Hotter: Americans or Czechs? SPOILER: USA! The charming ladies of the Czech Republic still put up some stiff competition. You’ll see what you mean as you czech out these plentiful galleries. You’ll find some big names like Supermodel MILF Eva Herzigova, but also some Czechoslovakian babes that you might have forgotten. There are so many hot Czechoslovakian gals that you need a scorecard–and that’s just what we have here, so start scoring….

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