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The hottest sketch off last night’s Saturday Night Live with Edward Norton is also the night’s most baffling. We like the idea of a slasher film spoof done in a Wes Anderson style, and The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders is certainly damn accurate in putting Anderson’s quirky ways into a slasher-film setting. (The film seems to be a mix of The Strangers and You’re Next.) It’s also nice to see Edward Norton doing an Owen Wilson impersonation. There hasn’t been one of those on the show since David Spade glued a penis onto his face, right?

Anyway, this parody trailer is a lot of fun if you know Wes Anderson’s movies. It’s also a chance for the SNL cast to trot out some more celebrity impersonations. But we’re not really sure if the SNL audience really knows Wes Anderson’s style–and even then, Saturday Night Live has been beaten to the punch at a quirky tribute to the even quirkier director. Here’s the SNL clip, and then we’ll go on to who did it first….

Pretty funny, right? Still, we’re thinking that Saturday Night Live is suffering some real writer’s envy over Conan O’Brien getting to parody Wes Anderson first–and that was damn obscure several months ago, too. Remember when Conan had a series of skits with different film directors auditioning to make the new Star Wars movies? The Conan parody for Wes Anderson wasn’t quite as spot-on, but still pretty accurate. The sketch certainly deserves to be noted if you’re marveling over the SNL parody–which we just did, so here’s Conan’s earlier fine video. We’re pretty sure there’s enough room in the world of comedy for two Wes Anderson parodies…

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