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Lou Reed, RIP: Live Videos (and More) From the Great Man


The worst thing that Lou Reed ever said about us was, “What’s up with that guy?” We’ve convinced ourselves it was said in an endearing manner. We were there, however, when Lou Reed hung up the phone on another idiot music journalist. Rightly so, too, since the guy was bugging Lou about stupid crap that the legendary rocker had been forced to discuss ever since Reed’s days fronting the Velvet Underground. (That’s the ’60s act that’s pretty much copyrighted the term “seminal punk band.”)

Oh, well. Lou”s dead now. He was (and will remain) very important, and we’re not even going back to the Velvet Underground for this selection of videos honoring the man. The last clip is pretty much an entire great live show from 2004. We certainly enjoyed Lou being around as an elder statesman of all kinds of rock ‘n roll. Although he was probably grumpy about it right up to the end…

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