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Enjoy These Drunk Fail Videos For American Beer Day [Videos]


Today is Sunday October 27 which means that it’s finally American Beer Day! We’re guessing that most of you were probably planning on having a few beers today while enjoying football. For those of you that were thinking of abstaining today, you better grab a beer and join in unless you want to look unpatriotic. We’re not here to tell you how to celebrate American Beer Day. We’re sure that you can figure that out on your won. But we will try to get you in the spirit with a few videos of what you might look like if you get “over-served” on this glorious day. Remember, American Beer Day is best when you can remember it the next morning. So try not to end up like anyone in these videos.

If it takes you several minutes and numerous attempts to get a twelve back of Budweiser out of the convenience store freezer, then you probably don’t need any more beers.

It’s annoying when you start seeing Christmas stuff before Halloween is even over, but this clip is a classic no matter what time of year you’re watching it. Actually, it’s even funnier to imagine that the guy in this video was wearing a Santa suit in October for some inexplicable, drunken reason.

This video doesn’t look like it took place in America, but it’s not unreasonable to guess that these guys might have at least drank some Bud Light before they decided to brawl. Remember, getting in a fight might seem great when you’re drunk, but this video is a best case scenario of how that will probably play out.

This video was filmed at a beer festival in Boston. This video proves that no drunk person can resist the urge to dance when the Huey Lewis and the News album Sports starts to play on the jukebox.

To finish this off, we figured we’d just give you a nice compilation of numerous drunk fails. Now that you’ve watched countless drunks embarrass themselves on the internet, go have yourself a happy and safe American Beer Day.

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