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Bree Condon onĀ Hello Ladies

(10:30 PM EST, HBO)

We know that the show is all about a guy in search of sexy babes, but we still didn’t expect Hello Ladies to become HBO’s sexiest show since Entourage. It’s a comedy from Stephen Merchant, after all, who’s a pretty respected figure as the co-creator of the original production of The Office. Hello Ladies is a pretty smart comedy, too, which makes it all the more fun that the show regularly features beauties like Bree Condon.

The busy model shows up on tonight’s episode as part of a party that Stephen’s character throws to attract a model. There are so many hot gals on Hello Ladies that Bree Condon isn’t even playing the model that has Stephen acting so desperately. (You might remember Natalija Ugrina from the show, as well.) We’d act plenty desperately over Bree–although we actually came late to the Guess? Jeans model.

By which we mean that Bree had been around for a while before breaching our eyeballs with an appearance on the Christina Applegate sitcom Samantha Who? back in 2009. She didn’t get past us with a 2010 appearance on The Vampire Diaries, and Bree also fit in nicely with some big-name actors in the 2011 historical drama Ironclad.

She finally got to show off some acting talent this year in the indie Garbage, but we’re still happy to see Bree (who you might also know as “Bree Conden”) dressing up Hello Ladies as some background talent. We’re kind of obligated to mention that Bree once made the news as the innocent bait for a con artist scamming lonely men. We’re also happy to note that Bree’s getting closer to being known for her fine body of work. Let’s tune in tonight and hope that Hello Ladies uses her well–and you can use these pics as you see fit…

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