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Woman Who Won The Week: Katy Perry [Photos]


Since she released a hit album, performed a live concert on the CW and had her 29th birthday, Katy Perry is our Woman Who Won The Week.

Katy Perry released her new album Prism this week, and it will most likely be at the top of the Billboard charts when the sales figures come out next week. Although all the numbers aren’t in yet, some people in the industry think that the album will sell as many as 275,000 copies by Sunday. That’s not too bad considering the album was only released this past Tuesday. The single “Roar” has already had over three million downloads and was the number 1 song played on radio stations for most of this month.

Last night, an hour long concert was broadcast on the CW to celebrate the release of the album. The show, which was recorded on October 22, also featured an interview with Mario Lopez. First, Mario Lopez got to spend time with Jessie Spano, and now he got to hang out with Katy Perry? How does one man get so lucky? Will we ever stop being jealous of A.C. Slater?!

To top this week off, Katy Perry also turned 29 yesterday. All things considered, we’re guessing she had a pretty amazing birthday.


COED Writer