Gisele Bundchen Paris Vogue Pics + 114 More Photos

Well, it looks like Gisele Bundchen is moving back to Manhattan. Sadly, she’s bringing her husband along–but maybe it takes the financial clout of the world’s richest supermodel and legendary quarterback Tom Brady to own a place in Manhattan nowadays. In fact, reports are that Gisele & Tom are looking at a $14 million place at the homey One Madison Park glass tower. That means that we’ll practically be neighbors with Gisele. We live in a cardboard box in the alley next door.

Anyway, it’s very nice to see Gisele picking up a little hideaway for whenever she’s in the city. It’s been years since we used to stalk see her regularly outside her penthouse on West 11th Street. Yeah, we have fond memories of going through the garbage in that building. You never know what you might find, you know.

Actually, we’re thinking that Gisele doesn’t even need Tom Brady to swing a loan. After all, she was just named the top-earning model of 2013 for the seventh consecutive year. She made herself $42 million between June of 2012 and this past June. She could buy three $14 million homes and still have some cash left over. That’s partly because Gisele is staying busy shooting for publications like Paris Vogue.

Vogue sure paid enough to get Gisele to put on a daring display. Check out the pics–and then see if your heart can handle scrolling on down to a spectacular gallery of 114 sexy pics of Giselle. You’re welcome to enjoy them for free. If you’re Tom Brady or Gisele Bundchen, however, we’ll have to charge you $1 million per look…

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